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Knightstalkers Gaming Community
was founded on the Harshlands Server in April 2009.  Its leader, Authrion, created the faction with the help of the founding members that came from the Areia Game - Last Chaos Faction.  Due to the fact that PWI factions couldn't contain but a max number of characters the founding members agreed on Stalkers. The Officers and Founders came with the intention of making it a battle oriented (TW) faction.  From its start, Stalkers grew slowly and gained many loyal members.

is a level 3 faction. While we are serious about territory wars and other high-end aspects of the game, we strive to maintain a fun atmosphere and close-knit gaming family.

All members of our faction are important to us, and together, they help make Stalkers what it is today. We value each members input in our faction offering polls to help enhance our game play and have a better more active and helpful faction.

Knightstalkers Rules and Guidelines

- All new recruits must meet our level requirements.

    Barbs: 80+
   Sins: 101+
All other classes : 90+

- Officer meetings will be
conducted once a month to discuss issues or problems.

- Since we are a TW oriented faction, all members are asked to participate regularly in this weekly activity (Fri-Sun).

- Members of Stalkers should be active, playing daily or every few days.

- Members are expected to participate in faction activities & events, uphold faction rules, utilize Ventrilo and the Stalker website/forums on a regular basis.

- Members must keep faction information confidential, and treat each other with respect. If a problem arises between Stalker members, we expect the situation to be handled in an adult manner, involving officer assistance if necessary. We do not tolerate drama or troublemakers.

- We strive to help our members grow in level, strength, and knowledge of the game and as PvP'ers. While we are a rpk faction, we do not attack factions that are safe-listed or allies, these lists can be found in the RPK section in our forums. We also ask that if you RPK do it respectful, do not slam, flame, or use racial remarks.  RPK is meant to be fun and challenge our skills. 

Guild News

Never give up!

Sargo, Mar 10, 12 10:47 AM.
The only war we've won was the one against the computer, but that doesn't mean a thing! I heard the admins talking about TWing aginst others not Catalyst level, which will give us some experience! The only thing I see us loosing on anyway is the number of people, our 40 to their 80 is kinda hard to fight against (they not 80 noobs lol).
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